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Terms of Use


Thank you for using the InStation product. This Term of Use contains the terms under which Invillia (product manufacturer) and itbox.online (the only company responsible for supporting users of products developed by Invillia) provide their services and describe how these services can be accessed and used.

Activation of the InStation product confirms that you agree to these terms.

Scope of Services

InStation is a product designed to create a graphic / virtual representation of the company, through virtual rooms that represent areas or teams, and that are occupied by avatars that represent employees. In this way, it is possible to browse clusters (watch pages) and view the entire virtual structure of the company, its areas or teams and the people who compose it.

The transit of employees is free within the virtual spaces, with no lock or fixed link of an avatar to a room. It is suggested that when creating virtual spaces, there should be an orientation for employees to occupy the virtual room that represents their area or team. The only exception to the free transit rule for avatars is when a room has its 'closed door', when a member of the room activates this functionality. Only in this case, access will only be allowed if the visitor activates the function 'knock on the door', which notifies all occupants of the virtual room, and at least one of them authorizes the entry.

The intensity and depth of the InStation experience is proportional to the level of adherence of the areas and employees in the use. It would also not be a limiting factor for the experience if the company chooses that only part of the company uses it, although it is not possible to limit the users of the organization to access it.

Prerequisites and Product Activation

InStation is an application that runs from the Microsoft Teams platform, and that is where communications are made via chat, audio and video. InStation does not have access to the contents of these communications. And any unavailability of Microsoft Teams service compromises the use of InStation.

As an extension of Microsoft Teams, using InStation is a prerequisite for licensing Microsoft Office 365, choosing a service package that includes the Microsoft Teams product. Only employees who have an individual Office 365 account will be able to use InStation. If the Office 365 account is canceled, this employee will no longer be able to use InStation, having their avatar automatically removed within 12 hours. Once this employee is no longer an InStation user, he is no longer part of the count of the number of users of the product.

For that, it is necessary that the person responsible for managing licenses for Office 365 (more details in the Prerequisites section) release the necessary permissions for InStation to be activated and I can operate together with Microsoft Teams, from Microsoft. It is also suggested that upon activation of InStation, that the procedures be carried out so that the InStation icon is automatically displayed on the Microsoft Teams interface of all employees, as a way to increase engagement in the use of the product.

The use of InStation is limited to Office 365 accounts whose license includes Microsoft Teams, and which are linked to the same Tenant ID, which is the unique identifier that a company that subscribes to Microsoft products receives. If a company or economic group has more than one Tenant ID, the subscription of InStation is conditioned to a subscription by Tenant ID, it is not possible to merge users between one instance and another of InStation, which are linked to a single Tenant ID, for reasons security inherent in the Microsoft Teams platform itself.

Changing the Terms and Conditions of Use

Invillia and itbox.online may modify the conditions of this Agreement at any time. In such cases, Invillia and / or itbox.online will provide, with fifteen (15) days prior to the changes taking effect, an alert in a visible place on the website and in the InStation product itself about the modification of its terms. Continuing to use InStation after the end of the term will be considered an acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions of Use.

InStation Property Rights

Users acknowledge that rights of any nature related to InStation are the exclusive property of Invillia, including any InStation modifications, creations, updates or enhancements.

The use license granted to InStation Users does not in any way characterize the transfer of ownership of any type of rights from Invillia and itbox.online over the services and products of its ownership.

Users undertake not to modify, copy, make derivative works, access, distribute, reverse engineer, decode or export source codes, executables or any other files that promote the operation of InStation, and it is also forbidden to try to perform any of these acts.

Users further acknowledge that logos, trademarks, domain names, business names and all other names or symbols that identify InStation (collectively, "Brands"), as well as all headers, custom graphics, drawings, InStation icons and scripts (together, “Layout”) are the exclusive property of Invillia, the copying, reproduction and / or use (and any attempt to perform any of these acts) of the Marks and / or the Layout without prior and express written authorization from Invillia.

Users undertake not to interrupt or interfere, as well as to try to interrupt or interfere, in the regular functioning of InStation, through the transmission of any worm, virus, spyware, bot, spider, crawler or by any other means.

Updates and Downtime

InStation may undergo modifications, creations, enhancements or updates that imply removal and / or inclusion of functionalities and limitations and access restrictions, without the need for prior communication to Users, since such situations occur due to the search for the best functioning of InStation in order to provide the best service to Users.

In view of the constant need to improve InStation, it may become unavailable in some periods due to the updates to be performed.

Invillia and itbox.online are committed to maintaining an adequate structure and to carry out updates preferably between 00:00 and 06:00 (BRT) in order to reduce the risks of unavailability of the systems. However, considering that it is a service available through the internet, it is possible that temporary unavailability will occur. Invillia and itbox.online are exempt from any liability arising from the unavailability of services, for any reason, whether for technical or other reasons, including circumstances beyond the control of Invillia and itbox.online, such as floods , fires, government acts, embargoes, strikes or other labor disturbances, unavailability or interruption in telecommunication services, acts practiced by third parties, such as attacks, problems with DNS or any other problems related to the connection and / or availability of the internet and / or server that are under the control of Invillia and itbox.online.

Resilience, Suspension and Exclusion

The cancellation of the InStation subscription may be requested exclusively by someone who has the legal representation of the contracting company. Users who are employees of the company have no means of canceling the service, and will cease to be a user upon cancellation of their individual Office 365 access account associated with the contracting company.

Invillia and itbox.online may terminate this Agreement without reason, at any time, by sending a 30 (thirty) day written notice to the email registered at the time of activating InStation.

Invillia and itbox.online reserve the right to terminate or suspend this Agreement, preventing Users from accessing InStation, without prior notice, if they understand, in their sole discretion, that (i) there is a significant threat to functionality, security , integrity or availability of InStation or any content and data; (ii) the User is accessing or using InStation to commit an illegal act; (iii) there is a violation of these Terms of Use or Privacy Policy; or (iv) there is a violation of laws, regulations or third party rights.

User Feedback

Users will be able to provide feedback, comments and suggestions for improvements to InStation (“Feedback”) through the robotic avatar that is always visible on the right side of the InStation screen. Any Feedback received will be considered non-confidential and will not be considered the property of the User you send. The User, when sending a Feedback, grants Invillia a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, sublicensable and perpetual license to use and publish ideas and materials for any purpose without any financial consideration.


The jurisdiction of the District of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil, is elected as the only jurisdiction to resolve doubts or controversies arising from this Agreement, renouncing the Parties to any other, however privileged it may be.

Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use that govern the use of InStation.

Acceptance of the Terms of Use also includes the Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy, as well as the Terms of Use of which it is an integral part, are available for reading and consultation by the User at any time through the link https://instation.invillia.com/terms

Collected Data and Collection Form

For InStation to function, the following User information is collected from the Microsoft Teams API:

  • Full name, photo and corporate email of the employee. This information collection is performed at the user's first access to InStation. And they are used exclusively to identify the user in their virtual avatar within InStation.
  • User real time status. This collection is carried out in short intervals, so that your virtual avatar within InStation reflects your current situation within Microsoft Teams.
  • Other technical information. InStation automatically collects some technical information, including but not limited to, type of device used to access the Service, your connection IP (with access time date), your approximate geographical location, your device's unique identification number ( MAC Address or IMEI), information about the use of the Service, the software used to access the Service, the operating system and its version of the device used, among others.
  • Cookies. InStation may also use cookies in order to improve your browsing experience. As InStation runs within the Microsoft Teams platform, the parameters of this feature are in accordance with the rules of this tool.
  • Anonymous data and aggregated statistics. InStation can generate anonymous statistical reports from Users' activity data based on unidentified or identifiable aggregated data. Such anonymized data will be submitted to a process that prevents its re-identification, considering the reasonable and available technical and financial means and the time necessary for such a reversal.

Important: InStation is running as an extension of Microsoft Teams, and all chat, audio and video communications do not go through the InStation infrastructure, so there is no access whatsoever to the content of those communications.

Data Conservation and Deletion

Service provision and features. The data collected and used to enable the use of InStation and its functionalities, will be maintained as long as the relationship between the User and InStation exists, and without preserving it, it is not possible to provide the Platform and its functionalities.

Platform improvement and technical support. The data collected to allow the improvement of InStation and to assist technical support will be kept for the time necessary to implement or provide the specific assistance requested by the User, and can be permanently deleted or anonymized to compose an aggregated database for statistical purposes.

When canceling the service, in addition to stopping use of InStation, access to stored historical data will also be immediately blocked. And Invillia reserves the right to preserve them for up to 3 months, and thereafter, remove them in a non-reversible manner or anonymize them for statistical purposes of using the product, to serve as input for their improvement. In both cases, it will not be possible to recover this data, even if the contracting company resumes the subscription to use the product.

The exclusion of data stored by InStation may be requested, under the conditions established by the General Data Protection Law, through the InStation interface itself, through the robotic avatar, always visible on the right side, through the option 'Open a support ticket' . Invillia declares itself committed to make the best efforts to meet all requests for exclusion, when applicable, as soon as possible. Such exclusion, when covering data necessary for the operation of the Service, will also result in the Termination of the Terms of Use and the deletion of the User Account. Even in this case, Invillia will be able to keep personal data stored, without subjecting it to active treatment, in order to comply with its legal data protection obligations. The data that make up the Electronic Medical Record will be stored for 20 years counted from the last record, according to Law No. 13,787 / 2018 (Electronic Record Law), except in the cases expressed in Law.

General rules of terms of use

The general rules applicable to the Terms of Use are applicable to this Privacy Policy, especially those related to the applicable law, choice of forum, and exceptions of liability and warranty.


Our service may change from time to time. Therefore, we may unilaterally modify this Privacy Policy at any time. Whenever there is a relevant change to it, you will be notified via the contact information provided. In the notification sent, you will have access to the new text of the Privacy Policy, as well as a summary of the changes made. After such notice, by continuing to use the Service, you automatically agree to the new terms of the Policy. If you do not agree with the changes and want to cancel the service, use the support channel inside the tool, already mentioned. The updated version of this Policy will always be available at: https://instation.invillia.com/terms#privacy.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact: [email protected].

User Support


InStation is a super intuitive solution focused on the end user experience. Additionally, it offers an online manual within the interface, accessible from any product screen, always in the upper right corner, from the symbol represented by the letter 'i'.

When subscribing to the InStation product, it is part of the scope of the subscription to provide the support service to the end user of the product, this service being exclusive to the InStation functionalities (excluding unrelated demands, such as third-party software or the use of equipment running the product, such as notebooks or personal computers). Some essential issues regarding the use of Microsoft Teams that are linked to the use of InStation can be resolved by the support offered.

This service is offered exclusively by the company itbox.online, and the following types of service are part of this service:

  • Incident Response:
    • Error messages;
    • Unavailability of the service.
  • Requisitions:
    • Adjust settings for the InStation virtual environment.
  • Answering questions of use:
    • From Microsoft Teams, limited to the use of Videoconferencing functionality through InStation;
    • From InStation.

Support Process

In order to open a support ticket, the User must use the robotic avatar, always present in the InStation interface on the right side, through the option 'Open a ticket to support'.

First Response / Diagnosis Time

CategoryDescriptionFirst Attendance TimeDiagnostic Time


Service totally unavailable with direct impact on product use.

30 minutes

2 hours


Service partially unavailable, with direct impact on product use.

60 minutes

4 hours


Presentation of errors that do not generate interruptions in the use of the product.

90 minutes

8 hours


Standard requests and procedures.

120 minutes

24 hours

First Response / Diagnostic SLA: 80%

Out of Scope of Support

The following items are NOT part of the scope offered:

  • Third party software usage licenses
  • Product subscriptions in addition to InStation;
  • Installation, configuration, support, tests and approval of software / applications not mentioned in this document, including application errors (systems and applications developed by the customer or by third parties);
  • Solution of software bugs recognized by the manufacturer (Microsoft or Invillia);
  • Infrastructure problems for the customer or the manufacturer (Microsoft or Invillia);
  • Problems with physical infrastructure, telecommunications operators, equipment and building infrastructure;
  • Training for end users;
  • Implementation, updates, upgrades or corrections of problems in customer environments (desktop, servers, cloud services or any other application);
  • Any activities or items not mentioned in the description of the technical scope of this document.

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